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Aug 1, 2014
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  1. Hi I have bought a laptop for my daughter its harddrive is 750gb but when I found it it is two hard initialled OS and the other data how is this supposed to work.regards Martin
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    I know some manufactures have different ways they produce their setups, but most of the time its a partition and not another hard drive. What it does is store the System Backup / Restore on one partition so that you can reset the laptop to factory settings and the main "hard drive" (usually C prompt) is the partition you use on a daily basis. Unless you physically looked inside the laptop and saw 2 different hard drives, it should be just one hard drive that is split partitions. What is the make and model of this laptop? We can determine what setup you have with that information.
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    Exactly. If it is a laptop, it is VERY unlikely that there are two separate drives since there is so little space. That said, it is most likely a partition like Spykes said. HP usually does this. They allocate some space to a backup image just in case something goes wrong and the main image on the primary partition is corrupted. It will not protect against hardware failure though since it is one physical drive still.
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    A typical laptop looks like

    The names under the column label Volume is arbitrary
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    The model is Asus X553M.

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