TyanS1854+video card

By correy
Aug 19, 2005
  1. Hello,
    I would like to get additional card for my computer.
    I have S1854 Trinity 400 motherboard and Windows 2000 .I went to Tyan
    website and did not find one single video card that I could use.
    Any sugestions how to go about this ?
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Yah, I'm afraid that motherboard you have does not give you very good options for upgrading unfortunately. That list HERE says the best you can get is a 64mb graphics card, and it appears to have been updated in 2005.

    Treat that computer well, she's an old timer and deserves our respect. :approve:
  3. correy

    correy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your reply DonNagual.
    I do not see any video card on the list that is compatible with windows 2000.
    which 64 mb graphic card did you mean ?

    Yes, she is a real trooper
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