typical EULA for broadband users

By jobeard
Sep 3, 2006
  1. Many of us get so anxious to charge into the arena, that the prompt for
    agree / disagree on the End User License Agreement just gets the implicit agree
    without reading or saving the information for later study.
    this can lead to misunderstands and difficulty with your ISP.

    The attachment is an excerpt from one ISP on the policy of personal servers from
    a personal account. Professionally, this is what I've experienced here in S. California
    from multiple ISPs, but that is not to say there are ISPs that might be more tolerant.

    going to your ISPs website, the sitemap should give you a link to the Usage Policy
    and the EULA.

    the excerpt is in the attachment typical-EULA.txt

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  2. YosefM

    YosefM TS Rookie Posts: 41

    Yes. That is pretty typical. Of course they're not going to provide support for anyone's network but their own, and they have to protect their services.

    We recently got switched from Comcast to RoadRunner, and I was fairly surprised to see that RR only proscribes servers for what they call Enterprise - by which they mean any business purpose, whether for profit or not. They also prohibit providing member services to non-members. Most cable & dsl providers will sell their customers a home network solution, and provide limited support for it.

    In practical enforcement, you will only attract the attention of the sysops if you use massive amounts of bandwidth.
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