Ubisoft now says it won't delete inactive accounts with purchased games


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What just happened? Ubisoft has responded to the widespread reports that it will delete user accounts if they've been inactive for too long. The company has now included an important caveat to the policy: accounts that include purchased PC games are not eligible for deletion.

The controversy began when Twitter user @PC_enjoyer tweeted an email from Ubisoft informing them that as their account had been inactive for too long, it was temporarily suspended and would be closed in 30 days in accordance with the Terms of Use.

The news worried PC gamers, especially as game libraries would presumably be deleted along with removed accounts. But Ubisoft has responded with confirmation that if you've purchased any games with an account, it won't be deleted.

Ubisoft also notes that logging into its games from other platforms such as Steam counts, and having an active subscription tied to an account also exempts it. The French developer confirmed that Ubisoft has never deleted an account that has been inactive for less than four years.

What's strange is that some of the important facts, such as accounts with purchased games being safe, didn't appear on the company's ToS or support websites beyond a warning that Ubisoft may "close long-term inactive accounts" to maintain its database. The latter has now been updated to confirm the exemption rule. It's also unusual that the Ubisoft Support team didn't mention this when it responded to the original tweet. Furthermore, the ToS says that users are informed of pending account deletion after six months of inactivity.

Another interesting part of the story comes from a PCWorld report in 2021 involving a Norwegian gamer named Tor, who after taking a break from PC gaming for about a year found he could not log back into his Ubisoft account. It had been deleted, along with all his games. Company officials claimed at the time that they have never deleted any account that has a purchased game tied to it.

Tor said he did find a single warning of inactivity and eventual account deletion sitting in his spam folder.

Full Ubisoft statement (bolded by the company):

For many years now, we have implemented our account deletion process in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR (Article 5.1.e on the obligation to limit the data retention period). Our policies are aligned with legal requirements and with the standards of the industry. This measure also acts as a protection for our players against fraud.

Account deletion follows a very strict process. As such, we take into consideration the 4 following criteria before an account is deleted:

*The gaming activity of the account since its creation

*The account's libraries: accounts that include purchased PC games are not eligible for deletion

*The duration of inactivity of the account, meaning the last login to our ecosystem (including from Ubisoft games on Steam and other platforms)

– In practice, as of today, we have never deleted accounts that have been inactive for less than 4 years

*The existence of an active subscription tied to the account.

In any case, before the deletion is permanent, three emails are sent to the player over a 30-day period offering to restore their account. In addition, if the user tries to log in during the 30-day window, they will automatically receive a warning and a link to reactivate their account.

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1) We users need to fight back/push back and collectively show our power on this anti-customer habit this corporation has.

2) I logged in to look at privacy settings and (I admit) avoid potential drama. This unscrupulous company had changed my communications/privacy settings to allow them to use my data! I had very specifically gone full privacy on settings in the past, but have not logged in for a few years. So just now, I changed it back. Did anyone else have their settings changed on them?

3) This company changed the login URL/config/website a few years ago, so I had more than one link saved. I think below are the correct (USA at least; sorry to our friends elsewhere) links if you want to login to check your Communication/Privacy/Whatever settings and to avoid potential drama of account closure. Not sure why the article did not include it.

This seems to have account settings:

This seems to have what games you "own":

Edit: In BitWarden I had to add a 2nd URL to have BW login, so BW now has these two.

4) See number one. Be nice to each other and stay strong.
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I have 2 Ubisoft accounts one with a hotmail email that I use all the time, and the other a much older one with a ISP email that I haven't used for a long time. It has one game linked to it and all I wanted to do was merge my two accounts. After way too much back and for with support I gave up because they kept changing what they needed to verify the old account was mine. I've come to the realization that all these companies would love it if we just sent them a payment every month for no other reason then they're such nice guys.