Ubuntu to continue using GRUB 2 with Windows 8 Secure Boot


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Canonical has reversed its decision to drop Ubuntu's GRUB 2 bootloader in favor of EFILinux on systems using Secure Boot, which prevents the loading of drivers or OS loaders that are not signed with a certain digital signature, after the...

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Jay Pfoutz

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Yes, nice move. But, that doesn't fix the fact that Secure Boot can be hacked. Either vulnerabilities to the encryption will occur, or falsified encryption keys will be used to gain access. However, boot level malware will be prevented a lot better. Maybe after a few times of being hacked, it'll no longer be hackable.

But, I'm happy Ubuntu will not be prevented distribution on systems running Windows 8. Although, I think Linux makers are very pursuant to still get their OS available to Windows 8 users, so a dual boot is still possible. I know I'll always have a dual-boot OS.