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Sep 8, 2003
  1. I have about 15 machines in my network that are unable to browse the network. They will access the domain, the server (NT4), and any shared folders. As soon as you go into a subfolder that is inside a shared folder, the computers freeze. Most of them are win2k pro, one is XP pro, and 2 others are win98se. Anyone have an idea what might be causing this problem?
  2. -=Morph=-

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    First are the ip adresses static (Manualy Put In) or assignd by DHCP server

    Second check the Event viewer for any errors on the system log
  3. starflier13

    starflier13 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The IP addresses are assigned by a DHCP server. Those are the first things i checked and there wasn't a problem. The event viewer doen't show anything wrong.
  4. -=Morph=-

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    As This Is An NT4 Domain you have created user and computer accounts on the Server

    Also are you running any modified security policies?
  5. starflier13

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    The users attempting to access the server all have rights. It doesn't matter what kind of account is trying to access the folders. It doesn't work for staff or adminitrator accounts. Also, the security policies haven't been changed.
  6. -=Morph=-

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    i have had this problem with a NT4 Network Before. i`ll look through my nots and see if i can find a solution as i cant remember what the solution was


    What Service Pack Are You running and what NIC`s
  7. starflier13

    starflier13 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    that would be great.. thanks
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