Unable to Create/Restore Partition Image in GhostCast server

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Mar 11, 2010
  1. Hi,

    I've been at this for several days and just can't get it to work. I have a computer which has a single disk but two partitions. Using GhostCast Server, I want to create an image of the first partition only and later on restore the image back on to the first partition of the client computer without affecting any data inside the second partition. So far what I've done with GhostCast is create an image of the entire disk, however when it comes to restore, it restores the entire disk. When I use the same image and select the partition option on GhostCast server, I can not manually select the first partition to restore, as a matter a fact it does not show any partitions at all and GhostCast server does not work with this option.

    I've also tried creating an image with the partition enable on GhostCast server. With this I can select which partition I wan to create an image of versus the entire disk. But when it comes to restore, on the client side, I am force to restore the image on to the entire disk.

    All I want to do is have an image only of the first partition ( I call it my Operating partition and the second is my Pictures partition). After a few days/weeks/months having my children playing with the computer and infecting with trojans, I'd like to use the image I created and restore it back to how it was serveral weeks prior without affecting the pictures I've store on the second partition.
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    hmm; yes I was disappointed with that issue too.
    Ghost and Acronis both create images of the HD and not just the partition.
    The sole argument (imo) for that choice is to capture the MBR (which is outside the partition).

    the organization of C:\ for the System itself and D:\ for your data is great!! WELL DONE!!

    if you have a) an external HD or b) another system, then you can use replication
    as a means to protect D:\

    Once D:\ has a secondary source, the recovery of C:\ is a wipe clean, repartition, and full install of the OS.

    Windows backups are a farce for system level recovery -- they're only good for user data.

    You can improve the security for ALL users by allowing only LUA accounts
  3. scr1b3

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    So are you saying this feature can not be done with GhostCast
  4. jobeard

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    capture one partition of many and restore only one seems to be missing;
    everyone reformats the HD and therefore you lose everything
  5. jobeard

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    here's something interesting:- Fog

    the U.G is here

    it replaces the Server, but not likely to address the multiple partition issue
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