Unable to reinstall a program


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I hope this is the correct place to post a request for help.

I installed Octave but made a stupid mistake when trying to uninstall it. The command window was open when uninstalling. Now, when I want to reinstall the software, I get the following message:

"Another Octave installation (with the same version) has been detected. Please uninstall it first."

I checked a little online and saw people talking about registry keys to delete. I tried to find Octave or GNU keys in regedit and deleted them, but it is still not working. Anyone has an idea what could be the cause?

Thanks in advance for any answer.


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Meh, after spending 4 hours trying to find the problem, I just post this topic and 10 minutes later I find the solution. Some pesky files were hiding in the C drive. Sorry for the trouble, feel free to delete the thread