Underclocking to enable a "passively cooled" CPU?

By cavornex ยท 4 replies
Nov 26, 2006
  1. I'll trade performance for silence. I'm thinking of implementing a passively cooled PSU and VGA - and a passively cooled procs.

    The Mod I have in mind is anchored on using a towering heat pipe cpu cooler (like the Asus Silent Square Pro)....minus the fan.

    My case is Antec Lanboy (the rear 120mm I'll use as intake to blow on the cpu heatsink; while the front 120mmm fan will serve as the exhaust fan. Those are just about the only 2 fan that will run.

    So my question is, will underclocking an e6400 for example, will make it cool enough so as not to require its heatpipe cooler not running a fan?
  2. jb444

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    The scythe ninja and infinity are MADE for fanless operation.
  4. Jesse_hz

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    Maybe you'll need to undervolt it too.
  5. CrossFire851

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