Understanding system restore

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Sep 19, 2007
  1. Understanding system restore
    i have an internet security kaspesky 6.0
    i need to undestand how to use system restore
    so the same files from virus, hacks ect. can be deleted
  2. Daveskater

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    i'm not exactly sure what you're asking but what system restore does is what it says in the name really, it restores your pc to the condition it was in at an earlier date, however it doesn't delete any files and obviously ones that have been deleted from the recycle bin can't always be brought back to life

    there's a lot of text but here's a link to the microsoft site which also explains how it works
  3. Po`Girl

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    If you get viruses/spyware on your system,you have to disable System restore,
    remove the viruses/spyware,then re -enable System Restore.

    That will remove all you restore points.

    Click Start/Control Panel/System/System Restore/select the Turn off System Restore check box/Apply.

    Clear the check box again to re-enable System Restore/click OK.
  4. jobeard

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    There are TWO services easily confused by their names;
    System Restore vs Backup and Restore.

    System restore (accessed via the HELP section) makes or reloads a restore point
    of only the system registry. No files are saved or replace.

    Backup/Restore copies files to some secondary media (eg a tape or external HD)
    or replaces files on your boot drive using some external media.
  5. AngelOfLighT

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    so i turn off system restore then i run anti virus ect, i restar the pc then i turn it back then so everything is back to normal?
    but if they are hackers , they always goign to mess up, couse they have the ip adress?
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