Unexplained "Cheering" from Comp Speakers

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Mar 31, 2009
  1. Today my computer speakers have been making a "cheering" type sound (sounds like a crowd cheering at a ball park) every minute, even when there aren't any programs running. I can't figure out what this is or what's causing it. Please help. I ran HijackThis and have included the log.
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    Hi cowgirlup55

    Is everything plugged in properly (all the cables etc)? ... Are the speakers in close proximity to any other devices that could be causing an interference (Cell phone, UPS etc)?

    Spyder_1386 :)
  3. cowgirlup55

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    All the cables are plugged in. I definitely know it's not interference. I truly believe it's malware of some kind. The sound is actual cheering. This morning when I got to work, my windows defender had found a trojan downloader (?) on my sysatem and once it was removed, no more cheering!

    I must say, that was one of the more optimistic or "friendlier" malware problems I've come across.
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    well, you seem to have solved the issue now, but i was going to suggest a system warning.
    I had this once, my pc kept calling me an "A$$hole!" every couple of minutes.
    I completely forgot that when i built it i configured the temp warning sound to be the one above.
    Lol, took me a while to wonder why i was being verbally abused by my pc.

    Still makes me chuckle to this day, lol. :D
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