Unexplained noise with headset and sound system

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Jul 6, 2009
  1. Ok I have no idea what is going on but here is the best explanation..

    I have a Logitech 2.1 sound system and a logitech headset with mic. Now today I put in my headset and turned on the mic and was told in a game it sounded like there was a fan nearby, well there wasn't. So i just did some tests. I unplugged everything and plugged them back in, then opened sound recorder and had the mic turned off and did a recording. there was some low humming and it was messing up the voice. Well then I turned on the mic and there was a loud whining noise.. so I decided to try it on my laptop which is a HP Pavilion ze4900. I tested the mic and no background noise just my voice but very soft(maybe because the laptop's sound card is not like my SB Live card on my Pc... Also I noticed the when NOT using the mic like having it muted or turned off or even just normal speakers there is zero background noise.

    So my question is is it the headset or the sound system? Sooner i know the better because late tonight I'll be heading to Bestbuy for either both or one of them.

    If i knew a place to upload wav files and link them I'd show you what i mean.
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    you may need to mute the "LINE-IN" jack by going into your sound card's control panel. this isn't the same as the mic line so it may cause some weird interference, like fuzz, cracking, humming etc... it varies by hardware and sound equipment.
  3. Gourry25

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    Well my Sound card is SB Live so not sure. I removed and cleaned the sound card and looked at it, looks fine, and then plugged back in things and the loud whine was still there, i am beginning to think its the headset\mic but i still need to be sure.
  4. Gourry25

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    Ok i bought a new headset with mic and it didn't make a difference my dad said it mic be the mic boost on the Sb Live Card but i have no idea how to access it so if someone can help me it would be a ton of help.
  5. Rick

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    Yes, I was about to suggest that. It may also be referred to as +20db gain.

    Forgive me for these directions, as I don't have an XP computer in front of me, but tou should be able to find it by right clicking on the speaker in your system tray (lower right corner of your task bar). Click "open volume controls". A new window will open with volume sliders for different items. Click the "Options" menu in the upper left-hand corner, click "Properties", select "Recording" and make sure your Microphone is checked. Click OK or whatever it gives you to OK the changes.

    It should take you back to the playback control window with volume sliders... The "Microphone" option should be there with an 'advanced' button underneath it. Click that advanced button and uncheck the box near the bottom of the window that pops up. It probably says "+20db gain" or "Mic boost". Once you uncheck it, the problem should go away.
  6. Gourry25

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    Ok i unchecked it and it DID stop the loud whine noise, but seems the old headset also might have been and issue because after i disabled the mic boost or +20db gain my voice was very very soft on the sound recorder and in game being Team Fortress . I did a mic test and there was still background noise and my voice was echoing as well. so might be a bad headset now unless there is something i still am missing.
  7. Rick

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    Nah, that's pretty much it.

    The 20db gain is useful if you're far away from your mic (Think: webcam). If you're close to your mic with a headset it should work great without it, or there's a probably an issue with your with your microphone or the software you use to talk.

    If you're using something like Ventrilo or Teamspeak, there are options to increase the sensitivity/output volume of your microphone. You may want to give those a whirl, since it'll give you more control than the +20db gain option.
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