Unicode Consortium adds 62 new emoji for 2020

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The big picture: The Unicode Consortium this week finalized Emoji 13.0 which includes 62 brand new emoji alongside 55 gender and skin tone variants. The non-profit organization’s primary purpose is to ensure that people around the world can use computers in any language. The group was founded way back in 1991 but lately, they’ve gained attention as the body that selects emoji icons for use on mobile devices and on the web.

Emoji, as you know, have become a huge part of pop culture in recent years. Vermont is even considering adding emoji to license plates, a move that could pave the way for other states to follow suit if successful.

It’s worth noting that the new emoji added in v13 are just samples; it’ll be up to mobile phone vendors like Apple and Samsung to craft their own unique variants based on these recommendations.

Animals are well represented in the update as the consortium has added new variants for black cat, beaver, polar bear, bison and mammoth as well as seal and the dodo bird. In the food and drink category, we’ve now got bell peppers, blueberries, olives, bubble tea and tamales, among other treats.

Common household items and tools like mouse traps, buckets, toothbrushes, ladders and screwdrivers also populate the update. In total, there are now 3,304 glyphs in the Unicode Consortium’s database.

Look for implementers to adopt these new emoji in upcoming software updates over the next several months.

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Yippie, finally I can express myself now that there is a man in a wedding gown. Let's all push for a dude breast feeding for the 2021 update :p


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Thank goodness. Our lives are now complete. What a waste of resources. Now we have more bullcrap to skip past.

Uh, dude in girl clothes? Even if these were in a Halloween pics category, it's still disturbing.


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Wow, the Unicode Consortium (who are those clowns anyway??) has been busy with really important stuff to improve and enrich the lives of those who have no life......


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Everyone's ignored the truly important one -- & I say that with only a smidge of sarcasm. Ladies & gentleman...the dodo bird emoji.