Unsure how to set up a Dual Boot with Vista and Ubuntu

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Jun 2, 2007
  1. I would like to0 know if someone can please help me set up a dual boot between Vista and Ubuntu, I know this question has been asked more than once by other user in many threads but the reason why I am asking it is because I do not understand any of those soultions that were brought up in other threads. My system came loaded with Vista basic and it is a Dell E1505 which they jsut came out with a E1505 pre-loaded with Ubuntu so I know all the drivers will work. Also right now I am downloading Ubuntu 7.04, after it is done I plan on burning it to a DVD, then I need to know how to make it a dual boot where it will ask me if I want to boot Vista or Ubuntu, also is there any risk that I will loose any of my files I currently have on Vista becuase I really don't want to loose them.

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    Thank you very much I'll have to try it out
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    Post back in this thread if you are stuck. Please post exact questions, though. What you are trying to do is fairly trivial once you know how, so please don't hesitate to come back here for more help.
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    Thanks, I am just getting ready to try to dual boot vista and ubuntu, I already have the partion set up, I had to buy Dvd's today since I misplaced my stash so that's why I am just now getitng it done, but thanks everyone it seems easy now but at first before it was all explained it seemed so confusing
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    OK I installed Ubuntu and it is working correctly, thanks everyb ody and Vista still works as well, I am currenty using Ubuntu some questions I have is when I first turn on the computer it comes up the boot screen and under other O/S it does have vista but then for some reaosn it has XP embelded, I don't have xp on this system and never did can someone please tell me how to get rid of it, also is there any free anti-virus and firewall programs for ubuntu, thank you everyone
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    Are you saying that when you boot this happens?

    1)You go into the grub boot menu, which has Linux and other as an option
    2)If you pick other, you get the old Vista boot menu, which has Vista in the menu but also XP, which you never installed?
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    Right now, I think you have grub in the MBR (because its the first menu you see.)

    You could a) remove grub and follow the instructions in my link above, or

    b) Keep grub in the MBR, but edit Vista's boot menu to remove XP.
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