Unzipping Driver Results in CRC Failure

  1. A friend of mine was having a problem with his windows 7 machine hanging after boot, it would log into a black screen and never get past. I offered to try and work out the problem, started with a fresh install of windows by formatting the drive and installing the OS again.

    The only driver I need is the wireless lan, as once it is present I should be able to retrieve the rest.
    (Note: Though the ethernet driver is present, it is not an option as it is an acer v5-531, which requires an adapter to use an ethernet cable with it's vga/lan dual port. . . weird)

    Here is a quick summary of events:

    Download the zip from manufacturer website on a separate computer (vista desktop)
    Transfer the zip to the laptop
    Windows fails to extract the directories
    Try with 7zip
    7Zip Reports CRC Failure on a .cab file (the largest one in the zip, of two)
    Attempted to download the zip again, considering that the PC I got it from may have improperly downloaded the file
    All file sizes match from step to step, unzip failure persists
    Download the file from a different PC (win 8 laptop)
    Transfer new zip with a different USB drive
    Issue continues to persist
    Research leads me to https://www.techspot.com/community/topics/crc-failed-everytime-everywhere.60277/
    I followed Rick's advice and ran memtest86+ (booted from bios on usb stick)
    Full test complete and passed

    I've done some more research on what could cause the issues but my leash is running short. I'm coming here because Rick's suggestion was an interesting one I never would have realised, and hope that the rest of you have insights like he does. All help is appreciated.
  2. abulletforfree

    abulletforfree TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Quick update: going to attempt another mirror in about 30 minutes, trusted driver sources that aren't manufacturer are also appreciated input.
  3. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Any luck with this?
  4. abulletforfree

    abulletforfree TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I had no success with other mirrors, but I did solve my problem in another way!

    The driver listed on the acer site was the atheros version, however it appears as though this driver was corrupted from all sources.

    I solved the issue by installing a slightly out-of-date driver, I believe it was version found on www.atheros.cz

    Thank you for your consideration.

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