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But, Can i know which 1?
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 Network Connection
Intel PRO 10/100/1000/10GbE
Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver X64
Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver
Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility


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You can use the X64 if you have Windows XP 64 bit installed as your operating system. TO check your driver version go to your control panel click Display then Settings then advanced then Adapter then properties then click the Driver tab to see what version you have.

Go here and download Image Resizer, install it the choose the picture you want to resize, right click and choose advanced and change it to 50 x 50 and click ok and it will automatically save it.



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to make sure you get the right driver, go to your mobo makers website and go to the support section for your model motherboard. they will have the correct drivers there.

a great freeware image program is Irfan. you can get it here.

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