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Feb 8, 2004
  1. hi, im currently running a asus a7v133-vm mainboard with amd duron 1ghz (morgan). 2x 128 mb pc133 sdram. i was wondering wether there would be a noticable performance increase if i were to upgrade to something like a 2200 AMD Athlon XP (i think thats the max that the board supports). would the memory be an extreme bottleneck? also does this board support palomino and thouroughbred? (ill start looking around myself 2)

    regards and thanks in advance
  2. Hitman`

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    i believe that board uses the KT133 (or similar) chipset. that chipset supports 100x2 FSB and 133x1 for the SDRAM. No XP class processor will run properly on that board, it is simply too old. The best upgrade you could make is to buy a 1.4Ghz Athlon and PC133 memory with a latency of CL2. A suggestion if you need a new computer buy one with a KT400 of nForce2 chipset. Those chipsets have the most flexability upgrade wise, and are pretty cheap, around 40-120 bucks for the high end boards.
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    The board uses the kt133a so it does support the 133FSB ( 266 DDR ) but it will most likely not support anything newer then Palominos & even those are not sure to work. I would've advised to look for some info on the new Durons but that board won't work with any 0.13 CPU.

    Looking at the Asus page for that board, you can upgrade to an AthlonXP 2100+ if you have a board revision 1.05 & the BIOS 1007.

    This is a good page if you're wondering about your board's CPU support -> ASUS CPU Support List.
  4. Bug

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    I agree with the above. I had this board and have seen it support the original T-bird 1.9, but the bottleneck in the memory is not worth it. I wouldn't put more than a T-bird 1.4 in it. Sorry for the bad news.
  5. dve83

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    hey everyone, thanks for the replies

    most probably ill just wait and try going for a complete new combination of board,ram and cpu.

    greatly appreciate the feedback
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