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Oct 13, 2008
  1. Hi guys. I'm looking to upgrade my system a little bit. It runs fairly well now, but I would like to bump it up to the next level. My main specs now are:

    2 gigs of ram
    XFX 8600gt 512mb
    Windows XP

    Ok. Now for my questions. I have a few different possibilities that I am thinking of doing, which I will lay out here.

    -I will def. be upgrading to 4g ram or 6g (depending on vista or not)
    -I want to up my video card. Should I get another 8600gt and SLI or buy a 9600gt. I'd like to save money from a 9800gt, unless the 9600gt isn't a good choice.

    So basically here are my proposed configs.

    -SLI 2 8600gt's w/ 4 gigs in XP
    -SLI 2 8600gt's w/ 6 gigs in Vista
    -1 9600gt (9800?) w/ 4 gigs in XP
    -1 9600gt (9800?) w/ 6 gigs in Vista

    Out of those 4, which do you think will give me the best performing gaming machine?

    Thanks a bunch, I appreciate it.
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Why not go for an 8800GT and another two gigs of RAM? You'd save some money, that you can spend on a new CPU if you want. The 8800GT has slightly more shader-processing power, but gives otherwise similar performance as a 9600GT. The 9800GT is simply a 55nm version of the 8800GT, so you'd get no performance increase from it. The only real upgrade would be an HD 4850\9800GTX+.
  3. mcl5000

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    Thanks for the input. The reason that I didn't think about the 8800 was because I didn't realize how screwed up nVidia's naming scheme was. I didn't do too much research and assumed that a 9800 was far superior to an 8800. I'll def. consider that.

    One more thing...I have an AMD processor. Should I be using an ATI card? I have heard that I will get better performance from an ATI on AMD, but I have also heard that it doesn't make a difference.

    If that is the case, I was thinking about going with a HD3870 and 2 more gigs of ram. It is GDDR4 so that seems like a great card for a great price.

    Had I done my research, I would have realized that the 8600gt isn't really that great of a gaming card and saved some hassle now - but theres no looking back at this point.

    My friend is going to buy the 8600 from me for $40, which I think is pretty fair for both of us. They're $50 after rebates now, and it is slightly used so that seems to work out.
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Nah, it won't make much difference if u have an AMD CPU. Also, the HD 3870 is a nice card, but quite inferior to the 8800GT, which bests the AMD card by around 30% or more in most games.
  5. Gflo

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    9800GTX is worth every penny you spend

    Halo 2 Vista everything on high 1600x1200 4x AA

    I get about 60-70 fps average and I bought the 675mhz model


    and you will only need 4 gb of ram for vista.

    I have NEVER used over 75% of my ram even with Vista
  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The HD 4850 is a far better deal, especially since it can be had for as low as $140 and provides better performance than the 9800GTX\GTX+.
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