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May 30, 2010
  1. As I can't use links I've used the ebuyerDOTcom quickfind codes

    I'm planning to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional, from Vista Windows 7 Ultimate (Not literally upgrade, I know I couldn't do that from Ultimate to Professinoal) and a Radeon HD 5770 from a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT sometime soon and I was wondering if there was anything else I should consider to update while I'm at it.
    If they don't really need to be updated and should be fine left how they are I'll leave it. Its just that I read the PSU is rubbish and I think the CPU is 4/5 years old now? So thought it might be time to upgrade.

    Motherboard - Asus M2N-E SLI
    PSU - EZCool ATX-650JSP 650 Watt
    CPU - AMD Athlon 64 x2

    My main concern is the PSU, would something like this 141006 be a good replacement?

    Wasn't sure with the Motherboard and CPU. If it would fit would 186428 be a good replacement for my CPU?

    PC is used for general use, Gaming, Photoshop. I'd like to try things like Streaming and using Valves Hammer Editor and other things like it so if it could handle tthose it would be nice.

    As a for a budget, around the same price as the items I linked.

  2. JMMD

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    Your links didn't work. What speed is your current CPU, how much ram do you have?
  3. C91

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    PSU replacement - Antec EarthWatts 650W PSU - 80Plus Certified 12cm Fan 3x 12V Rails
    CPU replacement - AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz Socket AM3 8MB L3 Cache 125W

    Current CPU speed is 2.8GHz and 4GB RAM.
  4. mailpup

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    The AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition is not supported by your motherboard and a quick check of your motherboard's CPU support list shows there are no BIOS updates to make it so.

    To see what CPU's are supported by your motherboard go here: http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=NJ8fkR6ufRM9XvFC&templete=2

    Click on the CPU support list tab.

    As you said, your CPU is 4-5 years old but then so is your motherboard. If you get a new motherboard, you will likely have to replace the RAM from DDR2 to DDR3. Depending on your budget, you might consider simply building a whole new PC since by the time you replace the motherboard, RAM, CPU, PSU, graphics card and operating system, you practically have a new one anyway. You can use your old PC as a backup since it still works.
  5. C91

    C91 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thought as much.
  6. slh28

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    Yeah unfortunately you can't do much with an AM2 motherboard...probably better to save up and build a new system. AM3 motherboard are pretty cheap anyway.
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