Upgrade Suggestions?? (Graphics Card/Misc)

By Leyasu
Jan 13, 2008
  1. From what i could get from the guide and Cpu-Z, this is the information you guys need:

    Motherboard -
    Manufac: ASUSTeK Computer Inc
    Model: K8V-X SE

    Graphics Card -
    Name: Nvidia GeForce 6200

    Memory -
    Type: DDR
    Size: 1024 MB
    Channel #: Single

    Cpu -
    Name: AMD Athlon 64 3400+
    Core Speed: 2203.0 Mhz

    PSU (Planning to upgrade) -
    Manufac: Mercury
    +12V: 15A
    Watts: 300

    Games i play are in example of Viva Pinata, Sims 2 (W/ all Expansions), Oblivion (W/ all Expansions), Civ 4 (W/ all Expansions). I am intrested in upcoming games Spore, Starcraft 2 and Assasains Creed. Also, for note, im using an old monitor, so im playing and using most things in 1024x768.

    Im in England: I have roughly the money to make around a £50 purchase. If i save longer, which is harder, i could probally make it to around £80. Saving considerbly longer (around 2 months), id be able to make £100.

    The reason i ask for advice is because im Poor - literally. Im below the poverty line. I make just enough to buy food, electric and pay rent. I dont even have heating, or a Tv.

    Also while here, anybody have any upgrade suggestions for the future on things to make this run faster, and in general function so it can run a heavier workload?
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    This video card along with this PSU oughta help you out. Sorry, but you can't get a PSU and video card better than your current specs for under £50. These are the best I could find. As for future upgrades, you'd need a complete revamp since your motherboard's outdated and processors are very difficult to find for it, plus there are no dual-core CPUs for it either. so you'd basically need a new PC or to get a motherboard like the Asrock 4CoreDual or the Asrock 775DUAL which support all the LGA775 Intel processors, PCI-E and AGP cards and DDR and DDR2 RAM and move all your existing parts to it, while getting a new CPU like the new Intel Dual-Core E2140 since your current one won't fit in it. In any case, good luck and let us know how it goes. :)
  3. majorblenks

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    You got 2 options - you cant get a much better GC without the need for a better PSU that'll direct pump juice to the GC - you could get a budget 500W and ATi Radeon X1550 for £70 (cclonline/ebuyer) or a X1650 /PRO will cost upto £60 on its own. The downside to this would be your PSU - would it bring in the preformance youd need from a demanding GC?

    Alternatively, you could buy a new PC - 775 socket and budget Core Duo chip (>1.6GHz) for £300 minus a GC - but a PCI-e X1650 can be purchased for an extra £30.
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