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upgrading compaq presario 7470

By simona · 5 replies
Jul 29, 2003
  1. I want to upgrade my compaq presario 7470 from win 98 se to win 2000 pro for more stability.I started the installation and got the following message:
    Upgrade Report
    Reliability and quality are key design goals of Windows 2000.
    Microsoft realizes that compatibility issues with devices and
    programs can compromise these goals if you are not given the best
    information available. During Windows 2000 testing of certain devices
    and programs, Microsoft found some compatibility problems you might
    encounter after you upgrade to Windows 2000. This report describes
    those problems. In most cases, new software updates from the hardware
    or software vendor can correct these problems. If you are concerned
    about the results of this report, you should not upgrade to Windows
    2000 until these problems are corrected.

    For more information about product compatibility with Windows 2000,
    you should contact your hardware or software manufacturer. You can
    also visit http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/compatible for
    additional information.

    Software Incompatible with Windows 2000
    General Information

    This section of the report describes hardware compatibility issues.

    Incompatible Hardware

    The following hardware may not support Windows 2000 without
    additional files. Please see the Microsoft Windows 2000 Hardware
    Compatibility List at
    http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/compatible/ for a list of
    compatible hardware. (Some of the following entries might be software
    that is registered as hardware.)

    Display adapters
    Trident Blade3D/MVP4 (63)

    HSP56 MicroModem

    COMPAQ Presario 1400

    Other devices
    Lexmark 3200 (not currently present)

    Lexmark 3200 Series ColorFine

    Sound, video and game controllers
    ESS Allegro-1 Device Manager
    ESS Allegro-1 DOS Emulation
    ESS Allegro-1 PCI AudioDrive

    You can continue with the upgrade, but the hardware may not work
    until you supply the additional files.

    Software Incompatible with Windows 2000
    This section lists information about programs that are incompatible
    with Windows 2000. Before upgrading, evaluate how important these
    programs are to you.

    Software That Does Not Support Windows 2000

    Setup has found programs on your computer that do not support Windows
    2000. Contact your software vendors to obtain updates or Windows
    2000-compatible versions. If you don’t update these programs before
    you upgrade, the programs will not work.

    Compaq Diagnostics (in Control Panel)
    Easy Access Buttons (in Control Panel)
    HSP56 MicroModem (in Control Panel)
    McAfee Virus Scan

    Before you upgrade to Windows 2000, you should remove any
    incompatible programs. After the upgrade, uninstall might not work.
    Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel can help you uninstall most
    programs. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and
    then click Add/Remove Programs.

    Incompatible Hardware Accessories

    The following programs support your computer hardware; however, they
    are incompatible with Windows 2000. To see whether updated versions
    of these programs are available, visit your hardware manufacturer's
    Web site.

    Logitech Mouseware Control Center

    Incompatible Factory-Installed Programs

    The following programs came with your computer, and they do not
    support Windows 2000 and will not work after the upgrade. Check with
    your computer manufacturer to find out if updated versions are
    available on its Web site.

    Compaq Diagnostics (in the Windows folder)

    Software That Might Not Support Windows 2000

    Setup cannot determine if the following programs are compatible with
    Windows 2000. Setup will disable them during the upgrade to eliminate
    the risk of problems. Contact the software vendor to obtain an
    upgrade pack.

    Compaq Service Connection (a startup program)
    Reprogram Easy Access Buttons (a startup program)

    I hope you understand the meaning of the above message.I've tried on the microsoft link the compatibility,but 'no matches found' was the answer.If there is a good soul to provide an answer to my query about this upgrading,you can post the reply here or e-mail me.Any answer would be deeply appreciated! This win 98se is has become very unstable.Thank you very much.
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    it is saying that quite a bit of your hardware is not compaitable with win 2000 and most your compaq proprietary software is not compaitable either.

    check the hardware with the vendor ( manufactuerer) to see if they have win 2000 drivers available for the hardware. most of them should.

    if you decide to go ahead with the install I would suggest uninstalling the propriatary compaq programs that are not compaitable with 2000 first.

    here is a site where you can check for win 2000 compaitable drivers for your harware.


    here is a freeware program that identifies all your hardware by manufacturer, make and model and also contains links to the manufacturer's website's.


    and welcome to techspot!!!

    there are some very knowledgable folks here that know quite a bit about software and hardware. (not me) generally what I know comes from having learned from screwing it up the first time I tried it, but the lesson does stick that way. :D
  3. simona

    simona TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you very much for your input ! I will try to follow your advices&links.My dial-up works very slow;it will take some time to do all the job.Other problems are :
    1.during upgrading shall I switch to NTSC?
    2.if upgrading will not work ,would my restore win 98 se CD be able to restore the actual coonfiguration ?
    Million thanks for your answers !
  4. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,729   +409

    1. I assume you mean NTFS. I personally wouldn't but many others here would argue with me on that.
    2. It will make your computer have the same stuff it did on it when you took it out of the box.
  5. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    personally I would not do the "upgrade" I would do a clean install. if that doesnt work you can always reinstall win 98 from the restore disk.
  6. jesslienert

    jesslienert TS Rookie

    Installation Error

    I am also trying to upgrade from Win98 to W2K, and have followed the links to download the driver for "Trident Blade3D/MVP4 (63)" but the installation never completes. I get an error referring me to this file: _INS5176._MP.exe I can't find this file on the hard drive. I can barely see some websites for all of the 16 colors that are enabled at this point on my computer.

    Help!!! :eek:

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