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Feb 3, 2008
  1. Hello I have a laptop running Windows 2000 and Office 2000 and want to upgrade to Office 2003. I've never upgraded Office before and was wandering can you just install the new version over the old one and set up manager will automatically remove the former application, like with certain programmes, or would you need to manually remove the older Office first?
  2. kimsland

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    There are two types of Office Upgrade and full

    If it is full version, I'd remove the old version
    (you may want to save your Office key, just in case you need to go back. (unlikely though)
  3. raybay

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    The upgrade will usually remove the old version, but not your data... whether an "upgrade" version or a full install... Office is setup to to not allow two versions on the same hard drive at the same time... and it will try to do what it can to eliminate the older one... However, it will ask you for permissions first.
  4. subcan

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    I always completely uninstall my older office software first (first exporting my Outlook data files though) then install the new one.
    I always find that doing it the 'upgrade' way causes problems. I believe that some of the system files can get jacked up.
    one benefit of just upgrading though is that you don't have to set up your email settings again. not a big deal if you only have a couple of email addresses though.
    Just my opinion.
  5. kimsland

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    Unless ofcourse you only own an upgrade disc :)
  6. subcan

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    The upgrade disc will do a full install. It might ask you for the Office 2000 disc or the Office 2000 Key. Either way both are easily accomplished.
    Even with the Vista Upgrade. You can completely wipe your drive, then install the Vista version you purchased as a trial. Once installed reinstall the upgrade from desktop, in essence getting you a full install. All you need to do is delete 'windows.old' file that is created. In the end you will only have Vista files reinstalled over Vista files and not leaving behind all the remnants of XP.
    The principle is the same for Office when you are upgrading. It is a little more 'well worth it' work; In My Opinion of course.
    If there is a will there is a way.
  7. kimsland

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    You know I've done this, but I got stumped on the exact same issue, on another tech forum.

    After lots of posts, I finally accepted that Upgrade does not require Windows (or Office) actually installed.

    Yes you're right! but then you would need two discs. (no need to reply to that.)
  8. subcan

    subcan TS Rookie Posts: 51

    I appologize but I have to reply.
    I don't understand what you mean by needing two discs?
    just a confused newcomer in training <hehe>
  9. kimsland

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    Keeping to the original question

    If you have a system that has never had Office installed.
    Then install Office 2003 (or 2007) upgrade
    During the install (not sure what stage, but possibly at the beginning)
    The Office 2003 (or 2007) Upgrade, will ask for the older (full version) Office disc
    Once inserting that disc, the Office 2003 (or 2007) will continue to install
    (obviously after placing the Upgrade disc back in)

    You therefore need 2 discs
    1. New Office Upgrade
    2. Old Office full version

    I hope I have made this clear.

    Hmm newcomer in training hey ? Where did you say you're from again ? (Admin somewhere?)
  10. subcan

    subcan TS Rookie Posts: 51

    I understand now. thank you for the clarification. Rlui said that he had Win 2000 and office 2000 and wanted to upgrade. That is where I got confused. I am assuming that he has both discs and is doing it ligitimately although the older (full or upgrade version) can be a friends disc, therefore making it a tiny bit illegitimate, although Microsoft has sort of set up this precedent, by offering their software at lower cost to those who, as their Genuine Advantage program states, "have been sold software that is not ligitimate... "
    Anyways that was a slight rabbit trail, and run-on sentence...
    thanks for your reply

    regarding 'admin somewhere?' -- Just a guy that started out with a Radio Shack TRS-80 with 16K upgraded to 32K. I am not and have never been satisfied with the 'abilities' of an end-user computer, therefore I always push the envelope. This has always seemed to lead to an error or two an in turn gives me the ability to have a little bit of opinion to throw around on a site as great as this one.
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