Urgent help about direct 3d

By edmark234
Nov 24, 2008
  1. guyz i have a problem about my direct 3d it all started when i replaced my old video card with an agp riva tnt2 when im using direct 3d the images looks distorted and corrupted but my pc never freezes so i replaced again my video card with a 64 mb inno 3d card but it continued to happen i even reinstalled my os but it is always like it my pc specs is 1.70ghz processor 256 sdr ram crystal sound fusion sound card and 64 mb inno 3d video card please i need urgent help here and tnx to all who reply to this post!!!!!!
  2. nobardin

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    Does your computer have an intergrated video controller? If so you may need to disable it in the BIOS. Have you downloaded the latest drivers for your new card from the manufacturer's website, and uninstalled the old drivers from the add/remove programs list before installing the new ones?

    Someting else you could try is the "Omega Drivers" for your brand of card and operating system here is the link for them http://www.omegadrivers.net/omega_drivers.php when I had problems with my ATI card I switched to the omega drivers and it cleared the problems up. Before you install them though (if you decide to do so)

    Download driver cleaner pro from http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=745 install it, go here and read over this thread http://www.driverheaven.net/windows...stalling-installing-ati-drivers-properly.html That guide is for ATI drivers, If you don't have an ATI card just replace ATI with Nvidia..print it out if you need to have reference material. One option that the guide doesn't mention a lot about is the cab cleaner feature. Once you have cleaned the drivers in safe mode, on the driver cleaner window click tools--->cab cleaner and clean driver.cab and then clean SP*.cab (Note * is a wild card for the current service pack you have installed)

    When using the cab cleaner feature, be patient as it can take 10-15 mins to clean each cab file.

    After doing the above stated, please post back and let us know the results.
  3. edmark234

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    nope i dont hav a integrated video controllr on my pc but i can control the agp aprture siz on my bios can there be an more problems more than those you mentioned can my ram cause problem or my board
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