Urgent help temp 127 degree

By Soyab0007
Sep 7, 2009
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    From the last few days my pc shutdown automatically.I had checked ram which is working.
    udated my bios to latest version.
    But same problem
    then i enable system fan fail warning...
    It gives me a continuous beep
    And today when i see my pc health status cpu temp is 127..After going on windows i had installed software speed fan 4.35 it also shows temp 3 (127 degree) while temp1 & temp2 is under 45
    while software like everest,realtemp showing normal temp
    what should i do...

    intel dual core E2140 1.6ghz
    gigabyte GA G31M S2L
    1gb 800mhz transcend
    400w iball PSU
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Tell us more about your monitoring software... and your cooling fans... along with case fan and case size.

    First thing I would do is replace the power supply with one of more wattage and a reputation ands specs that show more constant output...

    Then I would be certain I have cleaned the CPU and re-applied the thermal paste to be certain it is as thin as possible while still providing contact... as the common mistake is having to much. Too much acts as an insulator rather than a heat transfer tool.

    Then I would replace the fan most likely to be ineffective.

    I trust Everest and Realtemp, but I worry about your sensors.

    Much more info might be helpful.
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