US agrees not to blacklist Xiaomi, undoing one of Trump's final orders


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What just happened? Xiaomi will no longer be placed on a blacklist that stops US entities from investing in the Chinese company. The phone giant and the Department of Defense have come to an agreement after the former sued the US government over its designation as a "Communist Chinese military company."

In one of the final acts by the Trump administration, Xiaomi joined nine other Chinese companies on the Pentagon blacklist on January 15, just days before Joe Biden's inauguration. Firms on the list are subject to an executive order from November 2020 that prohibits Americans from trading or investing in them. It also orders Americans with holdings to sell their stakes within one year.

Xiaomi, which has repeatedly denied any association with the Chinese government or military, sued the US government over the "irreparable harm" it said would be caused by the ban. The company claimed it is "unconstitutional because it deprives Xiaomi of its liberty and property rights without due process of law," thereby violating the Fifth Amendment.

In March, District Judge Rudolph Contreras sided with Xiaomi, issuing a preliminary injunction that granted a temporary ban to the restrictions, which the US didn't appeal.

It appears that Xiaomi and the DoD have now settled their differences, having "agreed that a final order vacating the January 14, 2021 designation of Xiaomi Corporation as a CCMC […] would be appropriate." As reported by The Verge, the two parties plan to negotiate on an order vacating agency action, with a joint proposal expected before May 20.

Earlier this month, we heard of a Xiaomi patent that reveals an under-display rotating camera for selfies and rear-facing photography.

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Lew Zealand

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Ok...reading the comments, I guess we need to go back to hate, racism and unchecked corruption, as mein Trump likes it?

Dude you're close, almost there. But take it a step back.

It's people commenting about politics on a tech web site. You know, with the same effect as arguing PCIe 3 vs PCIe 4 for video cards on or any other pol site. Ie: zero.


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Its less that than the fact that Biden has completely sold out his country to China.
Please explain how a political figurehead "sold out", what does that even mean, the entire country when the president doesn't have that kind of power?

The China Joe ineptocracy will drive America into the ground! Step by step democrats are hurting America day by day with poor decisions made by people unqualified for this positions they've been given.

The qualifications to hold public office are very low:

"House members must be twenty-five years of age and citizens for seven years. Senators are at least thirty years old and citizens for nine years. Another difference is who they represent. Senators represent their entire states, but members of the House represent individual districts."

"The Constitution sets three qualifications for service in the U.S. Senate: age (at least thirty years of age); U.S. citizenship (at least nine years); and residency in the state a senator represents at time of election."

Did you look at the salaries of government positions then looked at the net worth of politicians? There is clearly more money in politics than it should have.

Why have political party done so little to improve the country in the last 20 years?

Why does the quality of education depend on how affluent the area around a school is rather than public education being funded the same across the country? Why are students leaving high school unprepared to enter the workforce? Kids leaving high school in other countries like Germany have already had the opportunity to find out what jobs they will be good at, have been trained to do them and is ready to enter the workforce making a living wage.

Neither party is willing to dig into their own pockets to help Americans or are they only willing to use taxpayers money, but just enough, to have the appearance of doing something.

Did the Affordable Care Act make health care affordable or did it increase healthcare profits? The only way to make healthcare affordable is to reduce healthcare industry profits, but the healthcare industry has enough money to affect policy. Instead of creating policies that would reduce healthcare costs politicians funneled more tax dollars into the healthcare industry by dressing it up as improvements while increasing healthcare costs to everyone who had enough money to pay for it before. The ACA made healthcare less affordable for a large portion of Americans. The republicans said they would get rid of it, but the health industry had enough money to make the republicans focus their public efforts on something else.

Neither party cares about you unless you have enough money to affect policy.

J Oelschl

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I guess the bribe payments via Hunter are paying off in spades for Xi. Wow. First China unleashes their bioweapon around the world while simultaneously stealing IP from just about every company and we are still doing business with them. 🤦🏼‍♂️


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I guess the bribe payments via Hunter are paying off in spades for Xi.
So that was finally proven? I looked and can't find any proof on it. If it was proven charges would have been filed right away, so I wonder why I can't find anything. Point me to it please.

First China unleashes their bioweapon around the world while simultaneously stealing IP from just about every company and we are still doing business with them.
I think maybe China is still flattered that a US President once fell in love with their leader.