US Department of Transportation reportedly planning to ban in-flight cell phone calls

Himanshu Arora

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Although the Federal Communications Commission seems to be okay with the idea of passengers making cell phone calls on airplanes, the Department of Transportation (DOT) is reportedly pushing for a ban on it. The reason is not passenger safety, it is...

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Isn't this old news? What has changed since November of 2013 when I remember this being somewhat big news for a few days? Here is one source:

My personal opinion is the government doesn't need to have any involvement in this, let the individual airlines set their own rules.

I'm split on this. 1) Airlines would make rules and charge for calls whenever possible (think bag fees...) and 2) I enjoy relatively quiet flights with people sleeping/reading/using headphones. It's annoying enough when people are on the metro with a cellphone talking loudly.... at least I can get off. On an airplane I might want to make them get off....