US regulators discuss reliability, safety of self-driving cars


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Self driving cars are moving closer to reality as a research initiative to determine the safety and reliability of the technology prepares to launch in the US.

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One of the complications will be the shift of blame from the individual to the technology (and company creating it) when it comes down to 'errors' (ie. human injury and/or death). The other complication involves a paradigm shift in the way we think and approve of such technologies.


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If every car had a synced gps this would be cake, they already have robots that use depth perception, I always though we should put magnets under the roads and have hover cars, maybe in the year 3000 lol


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I meant in terms of hacking the vehicle and activating it from a distance. It was ever so slightly in jest


Self-driving cars? we already know that concept since long ago, we just sit in the back and tell where we'd want to go.. and it's called taxi or cab


I can see this happening now. They'll let the concept dwell a little until people give in to the idea. Once self-driving cars are common enough it will be like windows. Hackers everywhere. You know someone is rich? Awesome! Just execute code, crash their car, steal their money and nothing blows up. Your going to the bank? Me too but I'll let you do the driving and I'll just wait until you have they money.