USB cables spin drives, lock computer?


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I have a couple small USB cables (with one small end, for MP3 players...). Inserting either one's normal end into my computer front panel USB port causes something to spin up to high speed inside (not sure what), and computer is locked - no mouse or keyboard. Note: NOTHING on other end of cable.

Happens with ports in back of computer as well.

Shutting system down, rebooting normally (restart windows normally) returns everything to normal. Note that all other devices (USB dongles, etc) in that port work just fine. Also, printer, keyboard, mouse - all USB - work fine - until I plug in one of those cables.

I am using Win 7 Pro 64 bit. However, this happened with some USB device on my Wife's machine (Win XP pro) several weeks ago. Exact same behavior - but OK after hard reboot. Threw that device away.

Could these small cables be shorted? There isn't enuf room in either plug to get an ohm-meter probe in there. I may cut one apart to see. Or get a new cable - but those small-end MP3 type cables are not easy to find.

Any comments? Thanks -



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use that cable to connect any real USB device to the system AND THEN boot Windows - -
what happens?