USB dongle not responsive but shows on PnP

By dan777
Feb 24, 2012
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  1. Hi, When I have a problem I can usually solve it but this one proves challenging, Iv read related posts but none of them concerned USB dongles.

    (USB dongle with built in SD card reader)

    This is was most likely my fault removing the dongle improperly, but here is the problem:

    Now when I boot up my laptop (windows vista 32bit )I notice the plug and play icon on the task bar, I open it up and it shows
    USB Mass storage device
    Generic multi card reader USB device
    Generic volume (E)
    (E) drive also shows in my computer, show it thinks the device is still connected.

    Also now when I plug the dongle it does'nt respond which means I can't go online now when I'm out and about, the dongle does still work (it lights up on first boot but cuts off right before log on screen)

    I have tried just about everything, Iv uninstalled all USB drivers etc left the battery out etc fiddled with this and that. Iv got as far as the laptop picking up the dongle but a bubble just keeps popping up saying unrecognized device and the light on the dongle does'nt flash. Also had code 47 errors and malfunctions.

    I am sure that the problem lies with the SD card reader, everything else I plug in works just not the dongle

    Please help and Thanks!

    Edit: on safety remove hardware I can get rid of E drive, but there is a yellow explanation mark on the USB mass storage on device manager
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