USB flash drive gone from 1G to 256G

By bensley · 8 replies
Jan 6, 2008
  1. My 1G flash drive can no longer be formated as it apears as a 256GB and the volume is too large for any programs I have tried.
    Please help
  2. raybay

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    What is the brand and model. Go to the website, and discover the rules for reformatting it. They occasionally do need to be reformatted, or you will ahve this loss of data space condition.
  3. bensley

    bensley TS Rookie Topic Starter


    The brand is Kingston USB 2, and every time I go to re-format the only size it comes in is 256G which is 256 times the actual size, if I force it in Dos to 32K it takes about 45min and once it's gone past 99% it comes back with error volume size too large.
  4. bensley

    bensley TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It all happend when I was maing the flash card a bootable device for dos.
    I have done it before 12 times on other USB flash card however this one has gone spastic it's properties are partition MBR (master boot record) and size is 262144MB. it is only a one Gig and under computer management consoll it is active healthy with 256GB free it wont format or give me the option to patition the drive.
    what happend?
    Nothing usfull under the kingston site that I could find.
  5. raybay

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    This failure is a common problem in certain Kingston and SanDisk flash drives. They do not warranty for this use in many of their flash drive models, but they will replace, without argument, the one you have if you have proof of purchase. You have to get a better card.
    Since most of the flash drives made are built by SanDisk (Samsung) or Kingston, then sold under about 87 different labels, you can expect to see the problem frequently unless you upgrade.
  6. bensley

    bensley TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I still have no success with it as it is a partitioning problem all PC's see it as 256G not 256M or 1G as it should be there for any formating attempted is of this large volume, I have tried many suggested programs and from dos partitioning as well and it still apears as 256G.
  7. raybay

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    Known defect in flash flash drive. Call Kingston or contact them online

    Kingston Technology Company, Inc.
    17600 Newhope Street
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
    Toll Free: +1 (877)-KINGSTON
    +1 (877) 546-4786
    Phone: +1 (714) 435-2600
    Fax: +1 (714) 435-2699

    USA/Canada Phone and Fax Numbers:
    Contact Phone Fax
    USA Sales Support - End User +1 (800) 835-6575 +1 (714) 438-1845
    USA Sales Support - Reseller +1 (800) 435-2620
    Canada Telephone: +1 (877) 546-4786 +1 (714) 438-1820
    Government (USA only) Phone: +1 (800) 588-5518 +1 (714) 427-3540
    International Sales +1 (714) 435-2600 +1 (714) 438-1820
    Evaluations Group +1 (800) 435-0664
    RMA Department +1 (800) 337-3719
    ValueRAM Sales +1 (877) 435-8726 +1 (714) 445-3496

    USA/Canada Technical Support Phone Numbers
    (Technical Support Hours: 24X7):

    Technical Support (24/7) +1 (800) 435-0640
    +1 (714) 435-2639 +1 (714) 424-3939

    USA Sales Email
    Government (USA only) Fax:
    Kingston International Sales

    Technical Support in Spanish Más información
    Kingston OEM Sales
  8. bensley

    bensley TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks raybay I will contact Kingston as I am totaly buffeled with it, I have never seen drive getting larger in size only smaller and that was never a problem to fix.
  9. bensley

    bensley TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry to inform you that all Kingston Data Traveler series flash drives do not support for bootable function. We suspect that the USB malfuntioned after it was made to be a bootable device and regret to inform you that we cannot provide further assistance in this case, and we sincerely apologize if any inconvenience caused.
    Kingston tech support.
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