Usb mic Driver Issue

Dec 24, 2007
  1. I've seen a couple very similar posts... I have a logitech usb mic (the newest one). I plugged it in and it worked perfectly fine. People were commenting on the awesome clarity and the sun glistened and the birds even singed. But after I installed Pro Tools, it no longer detects the usb logitech mic. I know that Logitech based the mic off of the windows vista "generic usb audio recording device driver or another" and I can't recall exactly the generic driver name but it was close to the previous (and was installed the 1st time to great effect).

    Basically I'm asking if any1 knows where this driver is located so i can just force it on the device. I also speculate that (while my aunt is rather techy savy, can and will make mistakes) this driver might have been deleted when she uninstalled her mic (theres an option to delete the driver with uninstallation of device).

    So to sum things up;
    1) Does anyone know where the "generic usb audio recording device driver or another" is located in Vista?

    2)Does any1 know where to download the "generic usb audio recording device driver or another" for Vista? (its been hard for me to find)

    Thx a lot guys <3

    O P.S.
    I've tried different usb ports and the light turns on on all of them. Also it worked not 2 days ago.
  2. Tmagic650

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    So uninstall Pro Tools and use a registry cleaner after the uninstall

    MOONDOG TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Issue remains

    I forgot to mention I had already uninstalled protools. I ran a couple registry cleaners suggested here at tech spot, CCleaner and Glarysoft. CCleaner found over 100 problems, and glarysoft came up with over 12,000 errors (god knows how). Either way there are no more supposed reg errors by way of these two apps, but the problem remains :(. I've beeen reading other people having the same issue, but have yet to see a solution.
    If i could find the generic driver that worked b4 i think i might be set.
    heres a link to the mic
  4. Tmagic650

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    My wife uses that same Mic under XP Pro SP2 and it works perfectly. Maybe the Mic went bad
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