USB needs to be read in NTFS

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Jun 29, 2007
  1. USB corrupts large files

    ~~Sorry, didn't see the Storage and Removable Media forum, pls move.

    I have a 7.98GB USB that is under FAT32 and why I need to do something is - after 600 MB or even after 300-400 MB every file I paste in it is empty, white, without text, - it's like the USB can store up to 300-400 MB or even if you make one 600MB file everything copied after that - including as small as 4KB text file will be blank. I was told by one person in a cyber cafe how it shouldn't be FAT32. Thx to him, since I used to have another prob on my PC with files larger than 4GB being cut up to 4 GB on my FAT32 Hard drives, formatting them to NTFS fixed and I could store even a 25 GB file on the drives. Well, the same must be made with my USB. I already followed how from changing the option in Policy in Device Manager >> USB mass storage, to enable NTFS option when I right-click format on my USB (since if the policy isn't changed I have only option to format to FAT32).

    But there come two problems: When I click format (with NTFS), this happens:

    If I click the properties of the USB after the format it looks like this:


    It says the file or directory is corrputed on unavailable. I can bring back my USB to work if I format again with FAT32 but since it stores only few hundred MBs when supposed to be 7.9GB, I need to change the system. I use WinXP SP2. So I used a program called 'Paragon Partition Manager' and used the normal state - when it is FAT32 to click 'format parition' select the file system and when the process is done, if I try to enter my USB it still say: the file or directory is corrputed on unavailable. I've heard about it must be from admin account, but I think I'm using an admin acc (matters maybe for the format dunno). How can I make it work in NTFS?
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    NTFS won't fix your problem. Your buddy was correct with FAT32 and the 4GB files, but he's not correct on this. Switching from FAT32 to NTFS will not allow you to store more than what you are able to now.

    Try to format the drive as FAT32 on another computer.

    Where did you get this drive? There are tons of fake drives coming out of the East that look very much like the real drives they are intended to.

    The way I see it is you have a few options here to try and get your drive back to life. Try another computer if possible, try a 98se computer if you can, apparently they handle formatting slightly different and can bring 'dead' flash drives back to life. If you can't do either of those, download a live linux distribution and boot from that then try to format from within linux, Knoppix or Ubuntu both have live distributions that you can format from a graphical interface so you won't have to learn any text commands. The linux idea is working on the 98 theory of handling formatting of flash drives differently.

    Keep the file system as FAT32 though.
  3. programm

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    Thx for the fast reply. I used the program 'Paragon Partition Manager' and made the USB in NTFS and readable (there is an option to convert the file system instead of deleting, formatting or creating a new parition that made it unreadable)! However, if I format to NTFS even when it is NTFS and readable, the PC won't let me format in the way we do it from Windows with right-click. Is it possible that it must be from admin PC and the fact that I may be not, to reject the formatting to NTFS with the right-click menu? Well otherwise, I will have to use this program each time I want to format to NTFS and make it work, or it cannot be formatted with simply 'Format'. Well, I will now upload like 1-2 GB and will say if it still doesn't store more than the usual. I'm so happy my USB now can be in NTFS and still work!

    As for bringing it back to life - I said that with formatting to FAT32, I can always make my USB like before, the new thing is I can make it with NTFS! But as I said, still need to use the program if I want NTFS every time I format it.

    Yes, thats what I first thought - a defect USB or just a fake USB. But whan can I do if fake? Nothing. I bought it from CA, USA but I'm not there. I'll just see and if there is slight difference and improvement with NTFS because it is the better fil system, I'll keep it, if not - then maybe I'll leave it FAT32. Will say again if the NTFS changed anything.

    P.S I have formatted the USB from two different PCs and from a laptop in FAT32 (that's before I started touching the partitions and file systems) and it didn't change the USB's nature.
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    I have a Lexar 2GB flash drive. It came formatted in FAT. The only other format option in XP Pro was FAT32. I reformatted it to FAT32 successfully
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    I also successfully format to FAT32, I just wanted NTFS. And damn... SNGX1275 was right... I copied a total of 4 GB files (zip files) when I opened the zip that I pasted last in the USB it worked (it made me think since the file that makes 4GB works, the rest before it work as well), but after I tried to open every other zip including the one I mentioned - again... blank zips, the USB corrupted them even in NTFS... Wait it even corrupted the first 400MB that were supposed to work. So my UBS corrupts all files if the space used is more than 300-400MB... what a rubbish.

    Guys, is there something I can do to fix this USB or it is just useless, like a 250MB USB? I think it can store one 500MB or 1GB file properly but if you add many files which sum is more than 500 MB, they are all corrputed. What do you do in this case?
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    are you sure you Safely Unmount the device before pulling the cord?

    without using this unmount technique, you WILL corrupt the device.
  7. programm

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  8. SNGX1275

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    Yep, I was going to say ebay is littered with them, or so I've heard. I've never personally bought a drive from ebay.
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