USB ports not working properly?

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Dec 14, 2010
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  1. Hi,

    My pc has four usb ports on it, two on the back and two on the front. I plugged my memory stick in one of the front ports last night and the little red light on the stick on the stick came on but the computer wouldn't read anything on the stick. When I plugged it into a rear socket it read everything. What I find odd is that if I plug my stick into an extention usb and plug that into a front socket the computer will read the stick. Not only that but if I plug my printer, modem, stick, or anything else that needs to be plugged into a usb socket into my usb extention it all works when I plug the extention into a front port.

    Can somebody explain this please?
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,185   +469

    Possibly you aren't inserting the flash drive all the way in?
  3. brucethetech

    brucethetech TS Enthusiast Posts: 229

    some usb devices pull power solely from the usb port. it sounds like you have determined that devices only work on those front ports when they have an alternative power source. try reseating the internal usb hub (most mobos use a use a hub for front ports).
  4. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,185   +469

    That wouldn't explain why the stick works with an extension cable.
  5. LookinAround

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    I agree. Those symptoms just don't seem to make sense (oh, the joys and mysteries of computing! :D)

    Just to confirm, when you say "usb extension" are you using a usb extension cable??

    In any case, you might try buying a "self powered" USB hub (i.e. a hub that has an AC cord to draw its own power). Plug the hub into front port on your computer and then try plugging your devices into the self powered hub. Maybe will all work that way.

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