USB Problem

By lpollsnoop
Oct 22, 2007
  1. Dell 8300
    Windows XP home

    When I try to download photos from a Canon Powershot a75 I get
    a message 'unrecognized hardware found'

    I bought a SanDisc CF card reader and it was not recognized at all by the system.

    When I plug in a memory stick from an MP3 player the system does recognize
    the device.

    I have tried all of my 6 USB ports with the same results.

    I have disabled the automatic powering down of the USB Root Hubs.
  2. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    Delete the USB Root Hubs from the device manager, reboot. Post back with what happened.
  3. lpollsnoop

    lpollsnoop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    SNG - thanks for the reply.

    Deleting the Root Hubs had no effect.

    There are no other USB devices attached to this system.

    The camera used to be recognized -
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