Use "heat transfer" compound between P4 & heat sink?

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It's been awhile since I installed my last CPU -

I just bought a P4. The instructions for mounting
the heat sink (& fan) do not refer to using any
type of (I can't think of the word) that white
compound I used last time to give good thermal
conductivity from the cpu to the heat sink.

Is that stuff not used any more?

If it is, what do I call it and where would I get some?



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If you got a retail version cpu, that comes with the heatsink/fan, it likely has a "thermal pad" built in, so it wouldn't need thermal interface material. So if you got a little square of something on the bottom of the heatsink, that's all you need, but if not, just a bare heatsink, put some thermal material on it. IIRC, my retail p4 had a little square that looked like a piece of aluminum stuck on the heatsink, which is a thermal pad.


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Thank you!

I do think I remember seeing a little square pad
in the package.

Technology marches on and I got temporarily
left behind. :eek:
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