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May 27, 2010
  1. I have noticed that I have several users under Documents and Settings in Windows 7, but only my administrator account and a guest account (not active) under the user accounts tab. I have one folder called "Unwanted". I have my account and my account.V2. A Default and a Default User. Can I delete any of these folders as they are eating up space on my computer. The my account and my account.V2 seem to be somehow linked, as the dates on updated files move ahead on both accounts, though significantly out of step.

    Are these folders being created by doing a System Restore?
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    the OS will recreate the default user each time a new user logs into the machine. it almost sounds like you may be on a domain or machine called v2. and logged in remotely to the machine from a windows XP machine. do you remote into that machine whether it be rdp or vpn? the user account folders dont generally take up significant space. are you on a home computer or is this a work computer?
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    Wow, that's a long article.

    I don't remotely log in, but the computer is networked. I am running Windows 7 and I have noticed that my Acronis Backup software is using the .V2 profile and it is seriously glitchy and only works sometimes. I'll keep digging around, but I know even in XP getting rid of these things could be dicey.
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    So the article was helpful in that now I know I am using a roaming rather than local profile. If I change it to local will that be a problem, or do I have to create a new local profile and copy the roaming to it and then delete the original profile?
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