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May 5, 2007
  1. USB error

    I have been having difficulties with my laptop. Not too long ago I started getting the dreaded USB device not recognized error when I used certain USB devices that had previously worked. I decided to try and upgrade to Windows Vista and see if that would solve my problems. After installing Vista I found that I could plug USB devices in and they would run BUT they would only run 1 at a time. I can plug in an external harddrive and it runs fine untill I try and plug another USB device in such as my Zune. when I have 1 USB running the second USB device that is plugged in gets the USB device not recognized error. If anone knows of anything that would fix this I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Tedster

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    Your external devices may be pulling too much power. Typically this problem occurs when using usb 1.1 devices such as a usb 1.1 hub.

    Use 2.0 hubs or devices.
  3. JTredboy00

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    how can I find out what type of USB port I am using on my laptop? I am not sure which is 1.1 and which is 2.0
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    If you plug in a device and a balloon pops up saying that it will run faster with a high speed port - you have 1.1

    also if you go into device manager and look you will see if it says high speed or not.

    HUBS that are not 2.0 compliant tend not to have external power supplies.
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    If your laptop is able to support Vista, you do not likely have USB 1.1 drivers or ports on it.
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