Using a HDTV as computer monitor?

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Nov 2, 2012
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  1. I am presently using a 20" Monitor that has a HDMI Input...........I see good sales on 30"-32" HDTVs'.........can I use on of these rather than having to pay more for specifically a Computer Montitor that has HDMI I/O? My 'puter has an HDMI OUT.
    Thanks! michael
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    Yeah apart from the loss in resolution your setup is equipped to do exactly what you need. You might even pick up a boost in performance too! I know I didn't mind too much when I swapped from 1080 to a 32 inch, the size of the TV sucked me in lol :(
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    My uncle did the same thing he bought a 40 inch TV for his computer ,it works great and watching movies online is way better now.
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    I used to use a 26" HDTV and it worked fine for most things including gaming. However, there was some blurriness to font, which made web browsing and RPG/MMO gaming hard on the eyes. It could have just been my TV, so take that with a grain of salt... however I know this is still an issue with a lot of people who use their HDTVs as monitors. Also, HDTVs are usually meant to be viewed at a distance of at least 6 feet, not 6 inches - so you may see some issues there. On that same note, having a 30"+ TV a few inches from your face might be a bit hard to use in general, unless you can put a bit of distance between you and the screen. It may be hard to see everything that's going on when you're having to use your peripheral vision all the time.

    In my opinion, if you're only going to be using your computer for watching Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/etc and gaming that doesn't require much reading, then you'll probably be fine. If you're into programming, writing/word processing, or stuff like that, you may want to stick to a dedicated PC monitor.
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    I have to agree with Mavrickx888 above. Using a TV screen as a computer monitor generally has several drawbacks: input lag, lower response time . . . and I also think it is harder on the eyes. I would instead recommend something of the sort featured in this review guide for monitors. I just bought one of those thin charmers, and I love it. There are also larger ones at reasonable prices.

    Also, I think that it's worth the higher resolution of a computer monitor as the second poster discussed.

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