Using a Sony Wega for laptop projection

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Feb 12, 2004
  1. Here's a good one for you all:

    I'm the MIS for a professional services firm in NYC, and we have a 46 inch flat screen mounted on the wall in one of the conference rooms. We have a nice Sony receiver to go with the Vega, and the company wants to use the TV for projection of their laptops when giving presentations etc. That's fine - i can use S-Video for that. The problem is, they want to do it wirelessly, and without having to install speaicl cards on every laptop that wants to be used on it.
    I consider myself pretty technical, but I have no idea if there is a feasible solution to use this thing for projection wirelessly - any suggestions?
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    There is no way to do it wireless, without the PCs having some USB to S-Video converter [then that going to an S-Vid. hub] or each of them having a wireless PCMCIA card,etc.
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    I guess one solution would be to dedicate a puter to sony wega, then VNC to it.

    hard wire the dedicated puter (maybe other side of wall from conf. room, or somewhere hidden)

    then, setup a wireless access point in conf. room (also hard wired back to hub)

    then just buy one wireless network card for a laptop, VNC to dedicated puter, test it with somthing like power point, see if its to slow.

    Most places i see just use a projector, works better i think.
  4. lowman

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    Many thanks

    I appreciate the advice...and I couldn't agree more - most places use a damn projector. The issue is that they went ahead and made all these decisions and bought all this stuff without consulting anyone in technology, and now they just want it to work. I'm gonna have the electrician come and run some S-Video cable through the conduit up through the post of the table...that's the best they are going to get.

    Thanks again...
  5. LNCPapa

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    You could get a wireless projector - they have DB-15 outputs (on some models) as well as S-Video out. There are security issues with IP based projectors though. I'll post a link as soon as I get a chance to check out which model we use here at work.
  6. lowman

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    Thanks LNC - I appreciate it...
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