Using TV as monitor lagging production?

By PnKStRKiD ยท 4 replies
Jul 31, 2009
  1. I am currently using my vizio 20" hdtv as a monitor because my actual monitor took a crap and isn't working. I was wondering if anyone knew would this be just because my graphics card isn't good enough or is it that my computer isn't good enough.

    here is my pc specs:

    the only difference is i've upgraded the ram to 756mb tried 1Gb but they screwed my over at the store and it crashed my pc so i put the older card back in. and i've added a dvd lightscribe burner in. besides that i think the whole pc is still the same as the original things on that list.

  2. Ididmyc600

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    ive never known a PC or graphics card to cause a monitor to fail, they usually just fail when they feel like it.
  3. syde

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    actually Im guessing your LCD on your laptop is around 15inch and hooking it up to a 20inch HD can cause 3d/lag/screen tearing issue (Frames Per Sec.) I play on a laptop hooked (comes on a 19inch WS) but when I have it hooked to my 23 inch my FPS gets crappy and I get screen tearing due to the jump in resoultion/user interface size and extra stress on the video card...
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    Another thing that can cause lag when using TVs are their own picture processing thingies - if you have any image enhancement settings there, turn them off.
  5. PnKStRKiD

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    sorry... i guess i'll try to clarify this as much as i can. i have a 19" WS Soyo LCD monitor and the monitor just crapped out not the card at all. and then i already an hdtv in my room that has the plug to plug in my pc so i moved the pc into my room and hooked it up to the tv. but it now seems to be slowing down performance when just doing simple tasks even just opening a program.

    would this be the tv monitor requiring too much from the pc to just run and not allowing the ram to focus on opening programs? or possibly just my pc getting too old and needs to be cleaned out?

    when i was using the actual pc monitor the 19" WS it seemed to work perfectly fine and fast enough. but now it takes just a little tooooo long to do anything. almost makes me now want to use it at all.
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