Valve announces TF2 "Pyromania" event, Meet the Pyro video

By Matthew · 10 replies
Jun 25, 2012
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  1. Valve has announced plans to release a long-awaited introduction video for the Team Fortress 2 Pyro coinciding with a large update. The company has only detailed part of its three-day "Pyromania" event, with the first day bringing a new map as…

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  2. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,147   +915

  3. For a game that’s already going on 5 years old it sure has taken valve a long time to make this video. You have to question what goes on in the valve offices, work must not be something that gets done too often. Too late for me to care honestly, they had my attention 4 years ago when the game was new, now it’s just old news. Sorry for anyone who actually cares, valve in general has lost my interest as a games developer mainly because they don't develop games anymore.
  4. TekGun

    TekGun TS Booster Posts: 162   +25

    That's right guest they're not developing games any more, Dota and CS GO are pure fiction.
  5. ^Yes because Dota and CS GO are totally new games, never before thought of... Recycling old titles/ideas and re-re-releasing them doesn't mean squat. Again sorry if these two games are what you've been waiting for for the last several years of your life. Your point has just been invalidated.

    This is in response to TekGun.
  6. TekGun

    TekGun TS Booster Posts: 162   +25

    Yea whatever...
    Day Two looks freaking sweet, can't wait for the video.
  7. DanUK

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    You had me sold at Vladimir Bananas.
  8. OMG you mean Valve makes sequels? Like EVERY developer in the world!?
    Your point has just been invalidated "Guest," go troll somewhere else.
  9. TekGun

    TekGun TS Booster Posts: 162   +25

  10. miska_man

    miska_man TS Member Posts: 49

    At the rate it took this video to come out... Expect the "Day Two" trailer to hit Youtube in the year 2015.

    So yes, the other guy does have a point.
  11. jackal2687

    jackal2687 TS Enthusiast Posts: 85   +12

    Your trolling is noted, thanks for the empty topic thread, now the rest of us that actually enjoy games, old and new, can begin to cherish this new video! :)

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