Verizon fires back at T-Mobile with new unlimited data plan


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Verizon will begin offering an unlimited data option to customers starting today, five years after abolishing them from its network and following several efforts to kick users off grandfathered plans. The new plan includes unlimited data, talk and text for $80 — or $45 each for four lines — with no video streaming restrictions, 10 GB of hotspot usage, and calls to both Mexico and Canada with Verizon Unlimited.

Those prices are “introductory” and require both paperless billing and AutoPay to be enabled.

Like most unlimited offerings Verizon’s new plan also comes with a caveat: It’s not technically unlimited. The carrier promises “fast LTE speeds” up to 22GB on any given month, but past that threshold it reserves the right to "prioritize" data behind other customers in times of network congestion.

This has become standard practice on all networks that offer unlimited data plans — T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T all warn of similar limits. That said, 22GB is likely enough for most people, and puts Verizon in a more competitive position against T-Mobile for data hungry customers.

T-Mobile’s unlimited 4G data plan is $70 a month for the first line, the second at $50 and additional lines up to eight in total are only $20. That’s considerably cheaper when you factor in the fact that all sales tax and regulatory fees are included in the price — whereas they likely aren’t with Verizon — but on the flip side T-Mobile charges extra to allow HD video streaming and tethering.

Verizon Wireless ceased offering unlimited plans to new smartphone subscribers back in 2011. The company’s CEO had declared unlimited data is both unnecessary for customers and unfeasible for any carrier. It brough back a form of unlimited last year in the form of PopData time-based add-ons that allow. Users to enjoy an occasional spike in data usage without having to worry about your data cap.

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alabama man

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False advertising. Hope they get sued. And 80$? I pay 20€ for truly unlimited data, talk and text and that includes 20% tax.
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Ronan The Accuser almost had me there until I read 'must have auto-pay and paperless'.
Paperless is not a big deal for me but I like to pay my bill manually online to check it over.

It has slowly crept up from $128-$131, I called and complained yesterday and they knocked $20 off my next bill.


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Hopefully this lights a fire under team pink's arse to get band 12 rolled out. They have been acting more like an incumbent ever since they acquired low level spectrum.
OK I had Verizon for about 12 yrs. I like there. $50 a month . But I had a old flip phone and it died. I went in to get a battery .he got me on a plan the cost was 65. Then I had a lady on my went to 120 a month. She went down to them with my card lic . And got a new g6 and two taplet's I try to fixed it after she robbed me and they said I cant do nothing but pay a $3.000 bill .I went to T-mobile got the same number for $45 a month. I looked at my bill last month it's up to $65 so I called them and it's supose to be fixed. Lol today I get in the mail I owe T-Mobile $120 I laugh I just payed my bill last week pepper less $65. And not only I over paid but there saying I owe more. I'm going to find a carrery who has a low cost .and I can get the service I need and not get knocked out of service


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I have verizon already. when I go into the "my verizon" app on my phone it tells me the unlimited plan is 65 dollars. I wonder why it says 80 in the video here