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Dec 5, 2006
  1. Hi, I'm needing to go from my pc to a tv with hdmi input.

    Can I accomplish this via Vga/dvi/hdmi or do I need a converter?

    What would be the easiest cheapest route to go? Video card with S/video output maybe?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated......
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    I'm not sure that VGA can go into HDMI... VGA supports resolutions of up to 1600x1200, but I don't believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that it supports widescreen modes. All HDTV is widescreen so this wouldn't work.
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    VGA is analog, hdmi and dvi are digital, so you'd need a fancy(expensive) analog vga to digital dvi(or hdmi if you can find it) converter box, and last time I checked they were like $300.
    (okay, now they're just over $200).

    Side note: DVI has three variants, DVI-I, DVI-D, and DVI-A.

    DVI-I is what most pc graphics cards have, and it supports both digital and analog output. Hence why you can put a dvi to vga adapter and have it output analog.

    DVI-D is what a lot of tvs and monitors have, and it's a all digital signal.

    DVI-A is all analog with a dvi connector, I've never acutally seen this used though.

    So you can go from dvi-i to analog, but going from analog to digital requires a converter.

    Edit: If you have an agp or pci-e slot you could buy a new video card with hdmi out for about half the price of a converter box.
  5. tldge

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    Thanks for the help...... I picked up an inexpensive ATI card off ebay with S-video out. I'm only using the TV to diplay graphics for Karaoke, so hopefully it will work ok for that.

    Thanks again
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    Hmmm, it may be a bit hard to read unless you have a nice big tv!!!!:)
  7. tldge

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    51 Inch widescreen should suffice! :) Beats the 19 inch monitor I was using......... Now if I can just find a wireless keyboard and mouse with better range than 3 feet!
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    I have a vid card with dvi and vga out connected to 2 Benq 20.1" LCDs, running the same res on both (1680x1050) one is connected DVI the other VGA.
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