VGA to RCA problem/weirdness

  1. Hi everyone (first post)!

    I bought one of those cheap vga to rca/svideo cables to be able to put video from my laptop to my tv (only rca RWY connections). I received it today and tried hooking it up, while in video mode I could see that the blue background of the tv was flickering; on some pages (noticed that it was things with mostly dark colors) it would show a black and white scrambled image.

    I tried everything that i could think of to get the picture unscrambled:
    turned resolution on every setting (lowest was 640x480)
    changed the hertz to every setting (lowest was 60hz)
    tried every setting for the external/dual monitor

    Now, here's where the weird things come in. On the other 2 TV's in my house (one rca only, one rca+svid) when I plugged in the cable, absolutely nothing happened. After plugging in the vga-svid my laptop did connect with the tv (made the sound) but still, was completely blank after repeating all the steps with the 1st tv.

    This is just really bugging me, I would think that the 1st tv could receive the signal but something was messed up with a setting or a driver. I'm the kind of person that gets extremely OCD over something like this and wont stop until all possible options are explored.

    Btw I have a intel core i5, hdmi, and vga outputs on my laptop, but no svideo

    I seriously appreciate any help, thanks

  2. mpsteel

    mpsteel TS Rookie

    VGA vs NTSC

    I do not believe you will ever get it to work. If you live in America your RCA inputs (Red, White and Yellow) will only support NTSC (On most TV's). VGA being a variant of NTSC, unless your TV supports VGA it will not work. This is why laptops have a dedicated SVIDEO out which is supported by hardware of the graphics card, i.e the graphics card outputs NTSC standards.

    Have a read through Wikipedia articles on NTSC and VGA, this will give you a better understanding.

    Sorry, But i hope this helps


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