vga vs. dvi, what are the differences?

By awsskater892
Feb 9, 2007
  1. Hi, I bought a 19" wide monitor about 3 months ago. ofcourse the manufacture did not put a dvi cable in the box (which it was supposed to come with). So I've been useing the vga cable the whole time. My video card is the GeForce 7950GT. My main question is.... Would there actually be a difference If I used a DVI cable instead of a VGA, and if there was a differnce, is it worth me going out and buying a DVI cable. tahnks alot! -Nick
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    There would be a difference with using a DVI. I'm assuming your monitor is an LCD, in which case using VGA causes the originally digital signal from the video card to be converted to analog, then converted back into digital upon reaching the monitor. This results in a loss of quality.
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    According to what ive heard, the newer lcds are not supposed to really make adifference between DVI and VGA as they did a few years ago . But to what I know, and have seen, when ive used vga in my LCD and on newer lcds, is that vga makes certain areas of the LCD a liiiiitle blurry from certain areas, although almost unpercievable ( hope thats the spelling), unless you are used to DVI. I used to use VGA in my old puter, but my new one has dvi(mi vid card does) so i went and bought a DVI. To me that little blurines does really does make a difference (mostly only noticable in text). And with DVI Windows recognized my lcd was widescreen , which it did not do with VGA.

    I SAY, Go buy a DVI, but dont break the bank on MONSTER cables. I went to frys electrnics and got the cheapest dvi cable. Which was less than 15 USD. AND i know there really isnt any diff between more expensive cables, which are tougher. And i dont think the average user is going to be messing with the cables to the point where they rip them or tear them.

    Get the cheapes DVI cable you can get at a good store, shorter cables will be less expensive, but make sure you can afford having a short cable, otherwise youl end up regretting not getting the extra half foot for three extra bucks.
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