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Apr 5, 2004
  1. I've looked on a couple of sites without much success for a capture card that has a few specific things:

    rca input

    Y/Pr/Pb input

    TV input

    does anybody know if such a card is available (with/without s-video doesn't matter), and how much it'd cost?
  2. Liquidlen

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    Pinnacle sells kits ,bundled with thier software though.Check their site to see if it is appropriate. Software is one of the best.
  3. poertner_1274

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    I'm not sure if I"ve seen a card that does component inputs. I know the ATI radeon all-in-wonder's do RCA, S-video, and TV inputs.
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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  5. erickdj

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    I've looking for the same thing for some time now, Y/Pr/Pb inputs are really hard to find. The Digital Rapids stream1000 was more expensive than buying an actual HDTV, I think I've decided to wait until I can buy a 40" HDTV instead of trying to play my xbox with HDTV resolution on my computer monitor. Last saturday I saw a 51" HDTV for $1500 at Circuit City.
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