Video card and onboard graphics?


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Can I run my on-board graphics and a video card at the same time on the same computer and if so how do I go about enabling both? I have a ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard that I installed a Galaxy GT430 1GB DDR3 128bit video card for which I had to disable the on-board Ati Radeon HD 4200 graphics to work! my question is can I enable both the on-board and the video card at the same time to connect one to a monitor using the vga connector and the other to a hdtv using a hdmi cable? If so how do I enable both? (I cannot use the hdmi on the grapics card because of the space on my computer case where the hdmi is is too tight to put a hdmi cable in! but the mother board has an hdmi connection that I can utilize, can this be done?)


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After writing this post I found the answer in another post that i didn't see at first and found that doing it the way I wanted is not possible but I did some more research and found an adapter that can convert VGA to hdmi on this site: which I think will solve my problem for now, my monitor is a 19" flat screen tv that doesn't have hdmi,only vga and I have a HDTV and I want to run my computer thru both and I think this adapter will do the trick. will keep you posted on the results of the project when I finally get the adapter. That link should be : (adapter-with-audio)


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You can not utilize a on board graphics card and a PCI card at the same time.

What outputs are there on your graphics card and Inputs are there on your TV? If you have a VGA (dsub) on your TV i would stick to a DVI to dsub converter. Its not worth buying a VGA to HDMI converter.