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By Cyrus Dragonas
Apr 6, 2007
  1. Okay, I realize that the subject line isn't the most descriptive, but oh well.

    I just bought a 3.2 Ghz dual core barebone, along with a 512mb stick of ddr2 533Mhz stick of RAM, and a PSU, along with the case. Everything was easy to install: Mobo just screws in, simple powercord stuff, etc. Okay! YAY!, new computer for me, right? Okay, so I go to reap the BFG 256mb GeForce fx5700 from my old compy, and, what? LO, AND BEHOLD! NO AGP SLOTS!

    At this point, I cry like a 12 year old who's bike just got eaten by a monster that wants to eat his family next. (Little exagerration, and NO crying)

    Okay, pull myself back together. I just have to buy a nice video card, even though I spent EVERY last cent on the barebone (paying for colledge and an apartment). I got it! I have a HUGE box of old computer parts, and there HAS to be a PCI video card in there, and that MAY hold me over until I get a better pci express card. None, except an old ATI Rage 3D.(didn't even fit in the case, BTW, but can if forced)

    Okay, so, yeah. NOW I have to find a heatsink, but thats a different story, one which I think I can handle.

    I consider myself a little more knowledgable than John Q. Public when it comes to computers. I just forgot that I had an AGP card in the heat and excitement of the new board and processor.

    Okay, enough story; Is AGP better or superior to PCI in some way? What about PCI Express? I realize PCI is a bastard for gaming cards, and if I want to game, I'd be better off going with PCI Express (right?). I just am worried that I took a big blow, buying a board without AGP. Is PCI express newer? Is it sexier? Either way, I don't know whether or not I just made a big mistake, or what. I know it has an SLI bridge and all that good stuff. Right now, though, I'd like to know that I didn't just rape myself of ever having a better computer. The computer I took my BFG out of was only running 1.3 Ghz, so an update was MANDATORY. Is PCI Express just as good as AGP? I actually thought AGP was old. And, I have only a small amount of money to fix my mistake. I've looked at cheap cards, and found a few PCI only cards for about 35 bucks. I realize its not much at all, but right now, I can't even turn my computer on.

    Is my old BFG useless now? I paid a good amount o' the moolah for it.

    ANY thoughts?

  2. Coth

    Coth TS Rookie Posts: 56

    From what I've heard most games do not take adavantage of the full 16X bus but still a 16X video card is needed for your setup.

    What games you going to play? Shooters? Then a 79XX or 8800GTS would fare VERY well.
  3. Cyrus Dragonas

    Cyrus Dragonas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    FPS's aren't bad, but I'm also a fan of RP's, like Oblivion, d2 (old I know, it can run on ANYTHING,,,,almost) RTS's like Supreme Commander, San Andreas, Etc. Fear, HL2, Doom 3,,pretty much anything worth actually playing.

    Sad thing is, I have one of the lowest proverbial pools of money to dip into. I'm looking for something that can handle at least Oblivion.

    So is my AGP obsolete, and which in your opinion is better, PCI (just throwing it out there), PCI Express, or AGP? I also do short film and game design, so I need a rather stable card. Again, im KIND of looking for a quick fix, just to get me by on some games until I have enough money for a high end card, like an 8800 or something. I JUST WANNA PLAY MY GAMES!!! *tantrum*

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