Video Card Installation Questions

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Hello everyone. I'm about to install a new graphics card that I bought and I have everything required for it. Now the only thing that I'm worried about is frying my motherboard like I have in the past. I want to be ABSOLUTELY sure that I'm doing everything right so I don't mess up my computer.

Here are my questions:

  • When "Grounding", people tell me to touch the back of the computer (the unpainted metal part) to get rid of my static charge. Since that back part is connected to my motherboard, would that mess up my motherboard?
  • I have an integrated graphics card - should I disable that first before installing my new graphics card?
  • Do I install the drivers before the actually graphics card or vice-versa?
  • If I have to disable on my integrated graphics card, where do I go in the BIOS menu?

That's it for now, I may have more questions later. Thanks in advanced for any answers you provide.


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First of all anytime you open your computer case and touch anything it is good practice to first move it off of the carpet. (to prevent static)

They actually make anti static arm bands if you were really concerned about it.

First I would download or install the drivers for it.

Shut down

Insert and secure the card

Plug in the monitior to it

and boot the computer.

You may or may not have to disable the integrated graphics. Some people do some don't. if you do just enter setup before windows loads by tapping f1,f2 whatever key it asks for setup. go to advanced tab in bios and go down to onboard video - move from enable to disable using arrow keys and enter key

if you didn't have to do that great, windows may tell you it found new hardware, when the wizard opens don't select let windows find the driver, select that you want to do it, select that you have disk, then select the location where you downloaded or installed the drivers
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