Video card suggestion for Dell e310

By Ivan James
Jun 8, 2007
  1. I need to find a PCI card for this Dell so I can run dual monitors. Calling Dell makes me want to slit my throat so I would be so appreciative if someone could help me. I'm not too worried about price, but I don't need the best card out there. I don't do any gaming on this computer. I just need a boost to my work productivity and dual monitors seems like a good iea.
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  3. Ivan James

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    Thank you so much for the fast response. Ordering now.
  4. jives11

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    nVidia 6200

    For nVidia cards the best I could find is PNY 6200 PCI 256Mb 64-bit. I have a dell with only PCI and my son wanted to play STALKER. This card is definitely an improvement on the 5200/5500 cards. We can run the game at medium settings (though static lighting) and it's quite good. had some sky tearing problems which were fixed by using the Z-tweaked driver. I see nvidia have a new official driver out which I may revert to. The 6200 also seems to be good for overclocking.

    ATI also have a couple of PCI cards, but I've not tried them
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